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Device Overview

One Amazing Device – 3 Unique Applications.

Our unique patented approach is to generate a compressed summary of driving data right on the device.  This summary of months or years of driving data enables a wide variety of powerful uses.

Reliable Data

Unlike UBI apps, the data on our devices is completely reliable and we even keep track of the VIN and every time the device is disconnected.


The device connects to the OBD port, the same place where mechanics connect to run diagnostics.  The port is located just below the driver’s steering wheel, occasionally behind a removable OBD panel.


Our data summary approach makes embedded cellular modems obsolete and reduces device cost by up to 50% and data transmission costs by up to 100%.


Since our data summary approach eliminates the need for an embedded modem our devices are incredibly small and therefore more likely to stay out of the driver’s way.

Data Elements

Our devices collect the typical usage based insurance (UBI) elements such as VIN, miles, time of day, hard brakes, accelerations, speed.   Error codes, disconnects, and accelobrakes are just a few of the  additional elements available which are often not captured on other devices.

One-Time Verification

Devices include return time alarm, envelope attached, easy data access upon return, and no monthly data fees.  Cut UBI technology costs in half by using our devices.

NFC  (Ongoing UBI & Fleets)

Our intellectual property ensures we are the only company offering the ability to tap into data on a phone using NFC to instantly transmit and display driving data.

Appleā€™s latest iPhones (XS, XS Max, XR and newer) and any recent Android phone are fully NFC capable.  Even iPhone 7, 8, and X are NFC capable now after a quick NFC app download such as GoToTags.  This means that essentially any recent smart phone can tap into the data on our devices.

Commercial Fleets

When viewing results on a smart phone (or computer) clicking “fleet” will show summary data for each vehicle in the fleet.  Everyone in the fleet can easily view data.



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