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Device FAQ

Why doesn’t True Mileage recommend mobile UBI apps as a data source?
UBI apps are all the rage these days but they have fundamental issues and we do not believe they are capable of delivering reliable data and a positive consumer experience, see UBI Apps page for more details.

The one exception is the Vehcon app which does not run all the time and is just used for verified odometer readings.

Does True Mileage work with companies outside the United States (US)?
Yes.  We have received requests from Australia, Asia, Europe, and Latin America and welcome international opportunities.

If we use your Intelligent UBI Devices do we have to also license your UBI Discount Analytics?
No.  Our analytics and technology products are designed to work together or separately.  If you already have approved discount analytics in place we recommended you continue to use them, we can format our data to fit into your current models.

What vehicles are compatible with the Intelligent UBI Device?
Our devices are designed to work exclusively with CAN protocol vehicles.  In the US this means we are compatible with nearly all vehicles form 2008-2018 with the exception of the few all electric vehicles such as Tesla model S and X.  Outside the US the implementation of CAN varies, so please contact us to better understand compatibility.

We have purposefully avoided compatibility with older vehicles because they are typically on liability only policies and premiums are too low to warrant acceptance in a UBI program, they are more prone issues, and to make devices compatible we would need to add hardware, firmware, and increase pricing.

What if a driver needs to disconnect the device?
The OBD port where the True Mileage device plugs in is also used to run vehicle diagnostics, smog checks, and update vehicle software. Excessive frequency and duration of device disconnects may reduce or eliminate a discount.  If a driver wishes to disconnect the device for safety reasons, they should immediately do so and leave the device disconnected until contacting us.

Is driver privacy respected?
True Mileage devices don’t include GPS or cellular modems used to triangulate a vehicle’s location, we also minimize the transmission of speed data and certainly do not transmit second-by-second speed data like most other devices.

Do drivers need to use NFC on their smart phone to regularly collect and transmit data?
No.  Data is collected directly form the device when it is returned by mail.  Motivated drivers do have the option to review their data on their phone anytime using NFC but this is always an optional feature.

How do I turn on NFC?
Look in your settings, for example:
Android – Go to Settings > More > NFC
BlackBerry – Go to Settings > Network Connections > NFC
Windows – Go to Settings > System > tap+send > Turn NFC On


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