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Intelligent UBI Devices Unveiled (Press Release)

03/27/17, San Diego


True Mileage exhibited and hosted two UBI related sessions at CAS RPM 2017 

03/27/17, San Diego

True Mileage hosted 3 UBI related sessions at CAS RPM 2016

03/14/16, Orlando


CAS & CPCU Society Invites True Mileage CEO to Speak on UBI

10/22/15, Boston


True Mileage Exhibits at Insurance Telematic USA 2015

09/3/15, Chicago


“UBI Technology Panel” included True Mileage CEO Ryan Morrison

“Non-GLM Analytics Panel” included True Mileage Lead Statistician Daniel Hernandez, PhD and True Mileage CEO Ryan Morrison also spoke on and moderated the panel

UBI roundtable focusing on “The Agent’s UBI Experience” was facilitated by True Mileage CFO Wayne Morrison, CPCU

UBI Tech, Analytics Provider True Mileage to Play Leading Role at National Insurance Seminar in Dallas (Press Release)

 03/10/15, Dallas


True Mileage adds Ohio Mutual Insurance Group to its Clientele (Press Release)



True Mileage spoke on “Big Impact Disruptors Enter the Market” panel

True Mileage hosted a workshop on “The Primary UBI Issue: COST”

09/4/14, Insurance Telematics USA 2014, Chicago


True Mileage spoke on the “Insurance Panel” at a National Transportation Research Board event  – 7/1/14, Irvine, CA


True Mileage uses NFC to Cut the Cost of Usage-Based Vehicle Insurance 

06/11/14, NFC World


True Mileage CEO spoke on “UBI Panel” at Guy Carpenter Mutual Specialty Executive

06/4/14, Philadelphia


True Mileage spoke on UBI Technology & Analytics at WTS Annual Meeting

05/15/14, Portland, OR


True Mileage won the Panel Presenter Award at MIT’s RFID Expo

05/7/14, Cambridge, MA


True Mileage presented on “UBI Analytics” at a CAS RPM conference

True Mileage hosted a “UBI Roundtable” at a CAS RPM conference

03/31/14, Washington DC


True Mileage spoke on UBI at the UCLA Forum

03/20/14, Los Angeles


True Mileage presented on “The Challenges of UBI Analytics” at the CAS Annual Meeting

True Mileage Promises Benefits for Drivers and Insurers (Press Release)

11/5/13, Minneapolis


End of the Road “True Mileage’s technology looks a good deal cheaper and less intrusive than any of today’s GPS tracking systems.”

11/4/13, The Economist


True Mileage featured on Cover of LA Times “The hunt for that technology has led many to… True Mileage.”

10/26/13, Los Angeles Times


True Mileage presented on “Insurance Innovations: Pricing Risk by Monitoring Driver Behavior and Assessing Mileage-Based Rates” at the UCLA Lewis Center Symposium Smart Technologies Smart Policies

10/22/13, Lake Arrowhead, CA


True Mileage presented on “The Right UBI Data for Now and the Future” at a CAS Special Interest Seminar

09/30/13, Chicago



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