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Apple appears poised to release NFC on iPhone

The vast majority of smart phones globally already have NFC, and a majority of smart phones carried by young adults in the US already have NFC as well. The only major manufacturer still not providing this technology is Apple and it is impossible to predict with certainty but everyday the evidence piles higher in support of the hypothesis that the iPhone 6 will include NFC. We will continue to include relevant links here:

iPhone 6 will feature NFC, wireless charging, better antenna, bigger screen -Venture Beat | June 6, 2014

Apple patents NFC antenna that works on all sides of a mobile device. -NFC World | May 27, 2014

Morgan Stanley predicts Apple will incorporate NFC into future iPhone -Apple Insider | May 20, 2014

Apple Reportedly Integrating NFC Technology into iPhone 6 -Mac Rumors | May 12, 2014

Apple patent combines NFC, Bluetooth and WiFi for mobile payments -NFC World | January 16, 2014

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